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Art Of Attraction Hair Studio

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Art Of Attraction Hair Studio

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Suite 102 B 809 University Drive East College Station
Texas   77840

Art Of Attraction Hair Studio

Welcome to the Art Of Attraction Hair Studio online scheduling for hair, facial, and manicure services. We are located close to the Hilton hotel and in the shopping area with Paolo's Restaurant at 809 University Drive East, Suite 102 B.

You can also contact us at (979)703-8919 or (979)219-4657 . We hope you find this scheduling site easy and convenient for you to 'book' your appointments and services with the personnel of your choice.

Initially you will need to provide some client login information. New clients must select the register now button on the upper right of this screen to setup this information (on the following screen you must again select REGISTER at the bottom of this screen). You will then be sent an email with your login ID and password. If you do not receive it shortly, please check your spam folder. After that, you simply login with your ID and password, then select the appointment book to directly schedule services and select your service(s), date(s)/time(s), and desired personnel after connecting to our website .

The appointment calendar permits you to view the number of scheduled appointments for each day of a selected month for a selected stylist/manicurist by clicking on 'Show Data' (after selecting the desired professional). You can then select a day which takes you to the appointment book for that specific day.

Thanks for your interest in our new studio!

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